North of Lanzarote & beaches

The north of the island

Our rural houses and apartments are set in fabulous surrounding in the north of Lanzarote.

This area still remains surprisingly untouched by mass tourism and retains a taste of authentic Lanzarote.

Famous sights, styled and designed by the famous architect César Manrique, whose creations are perfectly integrated in the natural landscape, are only a 5-10 minute drive away:

  • The underground lake „Jameos del Agua“ and the caves „Cuevas de los Verdes“;
  • the ancient look out post „Mirador del Río“ on the very top of a huge cliff over the ocean;
  • the park „Jardín de Cactus“ with thousands of cacti artistically planted around rocks and sculptures.

> Promotional video of the Municipality of Haría.


A beautiful and clean, sandy beach (with a playground) is in the village of Arrieta.

Between Arrieta and Orzola, are fantastic natural lagoons that have pure white sand.

Playa de la Cantería (also known as playa de atrás) west of the little village of Orzola at the northernmost tip of Lanzarote is a beautiful, remote, large beach. Swimming here is very dangerous because of the strong currents.

The very nice, 5 km large beach of Famara is one of the top surf spots, but quite dangerous for swimmers which can be swept away by the current.